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B&B Financial Services elite budgeting community is suitable for all individuals who are seeking to improve their financial budgets and increase their savings account. Watch our video to learn more about how elite budgeting community can benefit you!

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See what our members are saying about us:

I became a Chicago homeowner in 2017 because I took to heart the advice given to me by Nicole Johnson. I actively listened, put a budget in place, and stopped spending unnecessarily. She was always available to answer my questions and help me select the best choice for my situation. I highly recommend her because she had integrity, knowledge and was never pushy, rude or overbearing. She’s like a doctor (financial) with an excellent bedside manner!

Kim Owens, Chicago

If you’re in need of financial guidance, then B and B Financial Services is the company for you. And don’t worry about not being in the same area as the company because they work with you remotely if necessary to help get you financially ready for your future while teaching you how to budget with your current finances.

I never thought I needed a budget (like most of us) and honestly didn’t know how to budget. Working with Nicole was a real eye-opener, and it helped me not only to see my faults, but she gave me a plan that helped me become debt free in a short time. You can buy that home, new car, travel and do it all with the proper guidance and budget.

Thank you, B and B for helping me change my mindset which has put me on the path for a better financial future.

Sha W.


Achievers Elite Budgeting and Homeowner Community Membership

What is a budget?

Simply put, a budget is a tool that is designed to tell your money where to go.

Why do you you need a budget?

To tell your money where to go, you must know the following:

  • Who do you owe money?
  • How much do you owe them?
  • When do you have to pay it to them?

Budgeting is the foundation to start managing your money, correctly.


Achievers Elite Budgeting and Homeowner Community Membership

Membership Benefits:

  • Help to clarify your financial goals
  • Support in reaching your financial goals
  • Detailed action plans
  • Monitoring of your expenses
  • Financial advice from a professional Financial Literacy Advisor
  • Judgement free encouragement

Membership is Perfect For Individuals:

  • Struggling with reaching their financial goals
  • Striving to achieve their budget goals
  • Struggling with saving, while paying down debt
  • Want to become a homeowner and don’t know where to start
  • With challenged credit scores
  • In bankruptcy, post-bankruptcy or considering bankruptcy
  • Couples with different financial goals
  • Recently divorced or widowed
  • Single parents
  • College students, new grads, or anyone with student loan debt
  • Anyone with a pulse!

See what our members are saying about us:

Nicole at B and B Financial Services guided me to a financial position that changed my life. She helped me create a budget that worked for my family. Her guidance has put me on the path to economic wellness and help prepare me to purchase a home. I recommend her services to anyone needing assistance with budgeting, tax guidance and preparation, and tips to help you save your money!

Sherry Jones

Nicole is incredible at what she does! My husband and I have taken one of her financial classes and gotten coached by her directly. Since taking the course, we have seen a significant improvement in how we manage our finances. I highly recommend her services! Not only is she knowledgeable, but she also has a great personality. She is down to earth and easy to work with.

Whitney Jackson

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  • Review your weekly expenses
  • Show you how to cut costs
  • Discuss increasing your savings & decreasing your debts
  • Weekly FB Live videos
  • Weekly instructional assignments to help track your progress

Join today for a monthly subscription for only $10.00!

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